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I don't have any of your fancy testing equipment - how do I set up your modem to my radio?

  • Please first check if there is already an application note for your model radio.

    Without access to proper communications test equipment many parameters cannot be easily measured for fine tuning the integration process. The following method however, while not optimal, will often give acceptable results: How to Set up Nexion 1500 series modems to a radio. pdf-50

What connections are there between an NX1500 series modem and my radio?

  • The interfacing requirements to the two-way radio are also simple, requiring a minimum of 6 connections, namely...
  1. 10-30V DC power @ 50ma
  2. Ground
  3. PTT to the transceiver
  4. Busy / Mute indication from the Transceiver
  5. Modem audio to the Transceiver (post pre-emphasis)
  6. Discriminator audio from the Transceiver (i.e. pre de-emphasis)

Does the NX1500 series have a built-in radio?

  • No. The NX1500 series modems work with your existing radios, providing an economical method of implementing data services into your existing radio network.

How does your modem differ from other high-speed data solutions?

  • One major advantage of the Nexion modem is its use of in-band (300Hz to 3000Hz) audio tones to achieve data transfer. This effectively means that the Nexion modem can be utilised over virtually any modern day conventional radio system requiring virtually no system modifications.

What type of 2-way radio's will the NX1500 work with?

  • Most modern day 2-way radios have the capabilities to support the NX1500 over-air protocols.


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