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nexion NX6440

Will it work through a standard repeater?

  • In some cases, operation through a 25KHz repeater may not be possible. Whilst voice communications may seem OK through the repeater, high-speed data communications requires a flat audio response through the repeater and no audio distortion / clipping.

How do I set S114 and S115 ?

  • Registers S114 and S115 adjust the amplitude of the audio signal. Low audio levels will result in inconsistent data transmission and an overdriven signal will cause data corruption. To configure S114 and S115, see the document  How do I set S114 and S115? pdf-50 

S114 default is 1. Can I set it to 0 ?

  • Yes - however ... In some environments the noise level may be higher than available signal and automatic setting (S114=0) may auto calibrate in the wrong direction. Automatic setting is recommended for only clean, fixed site environments with a good signal to noise ratio.
    S114=0 should never be used in mobile environments.

How do I interface the NX1500 to my radio?

  • The interfacing requirements to the two-way radio are also simple, requiring a minimum of 6 connections, namely...

1. 10-30V DC power @ 50ma
2. Ground
3. PTT to the transceiver
4. Busy / Mute indication from the Transceiver
5. Modem audio to the Transceiver (post pre-emphasis)
6. Discriminator audio from the Transceiver (i.e. pre de-emphasis)

I don't see an application note for my type of 2-way radio?

  • In most cases, we will endeavour to produce an application data sheet, detailing the exact interface requirements for all brands of 2-way radio that have been submitted to us.


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