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Long-Range ‘Trunked’ Radio

What is a Trunked Radio System?

A Trunked Radio Sytem is a two-way radio system that allows sharing of relatively few radio frequency channels among a large group of users


power button 3

Power-Up automated Mobile Registration / System Log On.

power button 3

Power-Down automated mobile deregistration / System Log Off.

touch Simplified User Operation using one-button calling. Typically LRTR uses three buttons – Power On/Off, Emergency Call and a pre-set Macro button for calling HQ.

Reduced User Training... No need to understand the technology, Ionosphere, Propagation, etc.

radio waves

Simplifies Analogue to Digital Migration... The LRTR system automatically configure itself for analogue or secure / digital communications.

automatic Simultaneous / Automated Calls... Using Automatic Link Establishment techniques, LRTR seamlessly assigns the User and HQ to the most optimal base.
power button 3 User Awareness... LRTR provides the User with various messages for situation awareness. Messages include ‘System Busy’, ‘Call Dropped for Emergency Call’ and other such informative information.
power button 3 Priority Emergency Calling with Location Information... Emergency calls have the highest priority. LRTR will ‘drop’ a standard call to connect an emergency call if all bases are in use. All Emergency Calls are accompanied with a GPS location information.
power button 3 Elimination of self-interference... LRTR will not allocate the same voice frequency when establishing a call.
power button 3 Automated GPS Background Position by using a different set of channels for GPS and Data.
power button 3 Calls To Registered Mobiles... Calls from HQ will only be permitted if the user is active and registered to the network. Should HQ attempt to call an unregistered mobile, the operator will immediately received a ‘Call Declined’ message.
power button 3 Hardened Resilience... A failure at a LRTR base will not impact
system performance.


LRTR available Q1, 2022. Register your interest via email... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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