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nexion NX6440


UHF / VHF Data Modem


Monitor systems - Control equipment  - Track vehicles  - Send messages

Nexion Data System radio modems integrate easily into existing voice networks providing the benefits of both voice and data without major re-investment in radio hardware.

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The Nexion Mobile Data System (NMDS) is a complete high-speed mobile communication solution featuring simple integration into virtually any radio based transmission system. As a member of the NMDS family, the NX2540 is a high performance DSP based VHF/UHF radio modem supporting over the air data rates of up to 8,000 bits per second on a Narrow Band 12.5Khz channel.

Under software control, the NX2540 incorporates multiple features that can be individually tailored to meet most customer demands. Advanced features include AES data encryption, data compression, remote I/O and selective and broadcast addressing. Intelligent over the air data protocols maximise data throughput and reduce data collision.

Integration of the NX2540 into existing repeaters can be accomplished without expensive modifications.

Superior design, built in intelligence and modular upgradeability make the NX2540 the new standard in high-speed radio modems.


  • Uncompressed data to 8,000bps
  • Full Duplex (Analogue Repeater) Operation
  • Vendor-Independent Interfacing
  • Remote digital I/O ports
  • Standard 2.5 KHz audio bandwidth
  • Simple interfacing (minimum of 5 wires)
  • Multiple serial ports
  • Unique electronic serial number
  • Field programmable
  • Wide operating temperature range

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