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What is the latest firmware version ?

  • Firmware is updated frequently to resolve issues and to add new features. The latest code firmware is NOT downloadable but IS available on request.
    Please be aware that firmware code versions prior to 3.39 are not compatible with later versions. Firmware in all modems in use must be updated.
    Contact us for update procedure and to request your new code .

Can I use email over Nexion modems ?

  • Yes.
    UUPlus offers flexible emailing client and server packages optimised for slow connections. UUPlus is ideal for email over any radio link.
    Alternately, please refer to the following document for information on setting up a Linux dial-in server.  pdf-50

OK. I changed the busy setting and my Kenwood now connects ... but the number of retries makes data very slow.

  • A 'quirk' of Kenwood radios is that during a data transmission the microphone remains active having the potential to corrupt data in a noisy environment - please remove the microphone when sending data.

My Kenwood makes the modems busy light stay on but nothing is sent.

  • Kenwoods use inverted logic for the busy, hence the constantly illuminated busy LED. Fix this with S107 to 1.

I have a 9600bps modem on my server and some of my users cannot connect reliably.

  • In a mixed environment the weakest link is the slowest radio (i.e. highest S111 setting) or older transceiver's that do not have a good audio circuit. These radio / modem combinations may have to be speed limited to 4,800bps and are slow with data transfer due to long lead in delays. When you're setting up a network all units must operate at the lowest common level to ensure service to all.


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