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What if my radio brand / model is not listed on your site ? Does that mean your modem will not work with it ?

  • Nexion VHF radio modems will work with most modern 2 way radios with minimal modification to the radios. Please contact us for advice regarding how to interface Nexion modems with your radio. Contact Us

Will the NX1500 work over a 25KHz and 12.5Khz radio channel?

  • The current NX1500 series has been optimised for 25Khz wide band operation, however customers are successfully using the NX1510 modem on 12.5Khz narrow band systems.

Why can't you provide a default working configuration like a normal modem ?

Normal telephone modems are designed to use a single standard connection which varies minimally across the globe.
Nexion Data Systems radio modems are designed to interface with the widest possible range of transceivers - each of which vary in their interface requirements from model to model. Even different transceiver units of the same model can sometimes require vastly different settings for optimal performance. The flexibility of the Nexion modems configurations caters to these variations in radio transceivers allowing optimal (data) use of virtually any radio unit.
Basic modem settings to suit a range of transceiver units:

What deviation should I set when the modem is transmitting?

  • In a typical 25Khz wide band system, 3Khz deviation is preferred. However make sure that the transmitted data is not distorted or 'clipped' as this will affect or prevent data communications.

How do I get data through a repeater?

  • Nexion Data Systems will not be releasing a data repeater for the NX1500 series modems. Whilst the modems are designed for direct Point-To-Point or Point-To Multipoint operation, we have successfully used the NX1510 modems through properly configured voice repeaters (i.e. repeaters set for equal deviation Flat Audio In / Out transmissions.


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