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nexion NX6440

NX6450 SmartPatch

Features And Benefits

  • Five Transceiver Ports
  • Two Independent Nets
  • RoIP and PTToIP
  • Auto-Configuring Transceiver Cables
  • GNSS Distribution / GNSS-Push
  • Text to Speech functionality
  • DTMF Remote System Control
  • Powerful & Expandable Linux OS
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Waterproof, IP67 Design
  • Rugged Diecast Design
  • Mobile or Fixed applications


THE NX6450 SMARTPATCH is designed to ‘patch’ up to five PTT based (HF, VHF, UHF, etc), multi-vendor transceivers, operating on various technologies, such as Analogue LMR, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and P25 Digital.

SIMPLICITY: Using Intelligent Interface Cables, the NX6450 self-configures the individual Transceiver ports to suit the attached transceiver type, thus minimising configuration errors and time to manually setup each port. Furthermore, the NX6450 can be configured locally or remotely via Telnet or a Web Interface.

POWERFUL: The NX6450 features a powerful Linux-based processor, providing remote system control using DTMF signalling, Radio over IP connectivity, GNSS Functionality and Text to Speech capabilities. 

COMPACT & RUGGED: The NX6450 is the smallest and most rugged 5-Port ‘InterOp’ product on the market today.


NX6450 1A 800

Physical Specifications

182 x 135 x 42mm (L x W x H), Excluding Connectors, Weight: <1Kg

Physical Ports

1x Power Connector, 4-Way
1x Industrial Ethernet, 4-Way
1x Nexion I/F Bus (NIB), 19-Way
1x GNSS Connector SMA
5x Radio / LMR Ports, 14-Way




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