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TM8000 Series Data Modem


The NX4110 integrates easily into existing analogue voice networks providing the benefits of both voice and data without major re-investment in radio hardware.

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The NX4110 is a high performance DSP based VHF/UHF modem developed as a plug in option for the Tait® TM8000 series transceivers. Supporting raw data rates of up to 8,000 bits per second on a Narrow or Wide Band RF channel the NX4110 data modem affordably provides data rates previously not possible over conventional (unmodified) VHF/UHF transceivers.Part of the second generation of Nexion data solutions, the NX4110 incorporates a highly sensitive on-board GPS receiver for accurate tracking in urban canyon environments, POCSAG paging capabilities for message forwarding to an inexpensive wireless pager and data logging when out of radio coverage / network coverage. Other features include transceiver diagnostics reporting for automated fleet management, AES 128bit data encryption, remote I/O and selective and broadcast addressing. The NX4110 also incorporates intelligent data protocols to minimise or eliminate data collisions.Pre-configured out of the box for the Tait® TM8000 Series radio, NX4110 installation and operation is as simple as plug and play. 


  • Uncompressed data to 8,000bps
  • Built In GPS Receiver
  • POCSAG Paging capability
  • Event Logging capability
  • Remote digital I/O ports
  • 12.5Khz or 25Khz operation
  • Automatic Transceiver control
  • TX Forward / Reverse Power Monitoring
  • RSSI, DC Power and Temperature Monitoring
  • Unique electronic serial number
  • Field programmable
  • Simple Installation

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